Bitcoin Cash is both a payment system and a cryptocurrency of the same name, which appeared in 2017 based on the Bitcoin protocol. Like its "big brother", Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency works on the blockchain principle.

Today Bitcoin Cash is no longer a minority choice. Users began to trust the new currency and appreciate its advantages. The network is constantly being updated and the development team is actively correcting the shortcomings of the Bitcoin network.

How to buy Bitcoin Cash

  • Pay with

    Buy stablecoins on the TomiEX exchange using bank transfer and then use them to buy BCH.

  • Exchange another

    Top up the deposit on the TomiEX exchange with your cryptocurrency and exchange it for BCH at a favorable rate.

  • Pay for your purchase
    by card

    Pay with Visa or Mastercard directly on the TomiEX exchange.

      What to do with Bitcoin Cash after the purchase

      • Store / keep

        Many users hold their BCH in anticipation of further growth in their value.

      • Make payments

        More and more companies are accepting BCH as payment for goods and services.

      • Trading

        You can buy and sell BCH trading pairs on the TomiEX crypto exchange.

      • Money transfer

        You can send your BCH to anyone, anywhere using your unique address.