Margin trading

Trade with leverage
together with TomiEX.

Margin trading is leveraged trading, which allows you to make transactions with more funds than you currently have.

The leverage at TomiEX ranges from 1:1 to 1:5, giving you the opportunity to increase your capital and profit potential fivefold.

How it works

Without leverage With 1:5 leverage
Deposit $1 000 $1 000
Trading pair LTC/USD LTC/USD
LTC rate when opening a transaction $200 $200
LTC rate when closing a transaction $220 $220
Available funds $1 000 $5 000
Profit $100 $500

Advantages of margin trade

  • Maximum

    If you increase your deposit 5 times, then the profit will increase 5 times.

  • Low commission

    Pay no more than 0.02% for the transfer of positions to the next day.

  • High loan limit

    Our regular clients can count on loans up to $500,000.

  • Hedging
    open positions

    This is especially relevant for the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.