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TomiEX is a simple and straightforward platform for cryptocurrency trading, data analysis and reading trading alerts. Buy bitcoin and over 150
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  • Included in the TOP-10 cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume
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  • Protects customers' funds and personal data with an advanced security system
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  • Provides several ways to deposit and withdraw funds from an account
  • Allows you to trade cryptocurrencies from any device

      Why are cryptocurrencies profitable?

      In 2017, there was a real boom in the cryptocurrency market all over the world. The value of some virtual money has grown thousands of times. As of the beginning of 2021, the market capitalization of all existing cryptocurrencies exceeded $1 trillion.

      Leading experts and financial analysts predict further growth in the cryptocurrency market. Do not miss the opportunity to make money on this!


      Algorithmic trading

      TomiEX Symbibot is a hybrid algorithmic trading technology that opens up wide opportunities for developers to traders to trade on a cryptocurrency exchange. We've made algorithmic cryptocurrency trading even closer and more accessible. You can use the MQL5 language to create trading robots. TomiEX Symbibot can adapt ready-made algorithms for fast and constant earnings. Go about your business while robots generate income for you.

      Make thousands of trades a day, build trading portfolios, charge the most unpredictable strategies for the market. Become the first crypto trader to make a fortune trading robots.

      Hundreds of successful strategies have been written in MQL5. Use the accumulated knowledge to manage your account. Fund development, participate in testing and optimization.

      Advantages of TomiEX

      • High performance

        Processing any number of transactions per second thanks to a scalable server model.

      • Transparency and openness

        Open source code of the basic framework and the project itself; a voting system supported by the Cosmos platform, where each voting participant can submit a proposal, thereby influencing the development of the project.

      • Reliability

        The fault tolerance of the system is checked on an ongoing basis. Funds are distributed across various wallets, including cold storage, which results in the exclusion of loss of the client’s funds.

      • Security

        Multi-level access control system to protect against unauthorized entry into the blockchain, two- and multi-factor authentication to access your personal account / wallet, as well as security audits at every stage.

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